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Writing a scientific text can be a complex, daunting task, requiring a high level of technical expertise and writing skills. Your readers expect novel, relevant, compelling content delivered with high precision and accuracy. Textual errors can distract or confuse your readers and even call into question the credibility of your research.

Errors in mechanics and language usage; nonstandard use of technical nomenclature; inconsistent reporting of numerical data; vague, ambiguous description; redundant, nonessential information; inconsistencies in tables and figures; irregular rhetorical and organizational structure; and incomplete or incorrect references are just some of the mistakes authors want to avoid. These issues can cause delays in the regulatory process, in publishing a journal article, or in completing a doctoral program, as well as loss of readership for a journal or affect approval of a grant application.

These are costly, time-consuming outcomes that authors want to avoid, yet many authors cannot see errors in their writing. A professional editor can help you with this by pointing out issues you may not have noticed and by suggesting changes that clarify and improve your message. 

My name is Jim Hesson. I am a freelance writer and editor of medical and scientific manuscripts. I am passionate about science and writing, and I enjoy helping authors tell their best research story. Whatever type of text you are writing, I look forward to serving you. 

Types of Manuscripts I Edit

Scientific Journal Articles

I have edited over 1,900 scientific journal articles published in various peer-reviewed journals. 

PhD Dissertations

I can align your manuscript with a style guideline prescribed by your school or adviser.

Grant Applications

I edit NIH and FDA grant applications, as well as other grant proposals.

Academic Monographs

I edit academic monographs (books) and align them with a style manual preferred by publishers.

Regulatory Documents​

I can edit initial protocols, CSRs and other regulatory documents for clinical trials focused on safety and efficacy.

CME Materials

I can edit continuing medical education (CME) material, and I am familiar with ACCME accreditation criteria.

Health Communication

I edit health communication materials aiming to promote the health and well-being of individuals and the public. 

Plain Language Summaries

I can write or edit plain language summaries of results from clinical trials for lay audiences and patients. 

Medical Newsletters

I edit medical newsletters and materials that communicate updated research findings supporting best practices in evidence-based medicine.

Style Manuals

I can align your manuscripts with these gold-standard style guides.

Describe one of your services

Describe one of your services

Describe one of your services

IEEE Editorial Style Manual

My Credentials


Clients rate my service as dependable, timely, meticulous, responsive, cost effective, and easy to use.

R. Michelle Sauer Gehring


Principal Writer/Editor at RnA Editing, LLC

Expertise in medical and academic research

Houston, Texas

"I have worked with Jim on multiple projects. His ability to copyedit is superb, and he kindly provides a rationale for edits when needed so that authors can learn and improve over time. He rapidly transforms complicated text into clear language and provides key comments to improve the project. His professionalism is unmatched."

"Jim is a standout professional in his field. What really impressed me most was just how fast and thorough the copyediting services was. Above all, he worked hard over the weekend to meet the close deadline and kept me updated throughout with email. It’s without hesitation that I recommend his services."

Javad Jabbari

Associate Director Regulatory Affairs Medical Devices and Combination Products at Ascendis Pharma

Copenhagen, Denmark

"I was very satisfied with Jim's editing service. He delivers on time. His comments and feedback are relevant. He pays close attention to various details of English, as well as conventions and standards of research papers, which made my paper presentable for publication.”

Dmitri Simberg

Associate Professor

Expertise in iron oxide nanoparticles, bionanointeractions

University of Colorado

Anschutz Medical Campus

"I highly recommend Jim for editing papers, grants and resumes. I have known him for 3 years and during his time I had many opportunities to witness his professionalism."

About Me

My name is Jim Hesson. I am passionate about science and writing, and I enjoy helping authors tell their best research story.


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