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Price and Payment

What do you charge for editing?

Please send me your manuscript, a sample of your manuscript, or the total word count of your manuscript for a quote or estimate of cost. You can reach me at this email address:​ 

If you prefer to talk by phone, by Zoom, What's App, or in a Teams meeting, please send me an email, so we can arrange this.


If you are considering another editing service, please send me copy of their official quotes and I will try to match or provide a lower price.

Also, let me know if you need a light, medium or heavy edit. See my Editing Checklist for more details on levels of editing. Most of my clients typically need, at minimum, a medium copyedit (for more details, check out language and mechanical editing). A heavy copyedit includes language and mechanical editing, as well as a more systematic review of the items listed below. I can send you an estimate for a heavy copyedit based on whether you chose one or all of the items below. 

  • Check form and style of references

  • Correlate parts of the manuscript (abstract, introduction, methods results, discussion) for internal consistency

  • Fact-check, including verifying that numerical data cited in the text is consistent with the findings cited in the original source material. 

  • developmental editing that includes possibly rewriting, reordering, expanding or deleting entire sections of a manuscript  

  • Align manuscript with the guidelines for authors page of a journal you are targeting.

For longer texts such as dissertations, books, and grant applications, I divide the work into sections of 3-5 hours each, and after I send my revisions for one section, I ask that you pay for that section before I start the next one. If you are a new customer and unsure about whether you want to commit to having me edit your book, dissertation, or grant proposal, consider purchasing a one-hour editing sample. This will give you an idea of the work I do and whether you want to continue working with me. I would send you an invoice from PayPal for this work.


For long-term contractual work, please contact me so we can discuss your needs and a contract.

Generally, I can accommodate last-minute urgent deadlines, but on rare occasions, if your deadline causes me to rearrange my work schedule or work beyond my normal work hours, including working late at night, on weekends, holidays, and vacation time, if I am available, I may need to charge an additional fee. So it helps if you can send papers two weeks in advance of your deadline when possible to avoid this scenario. For more details, please click on the following list of my holidays and vacation time: US holidays and vacation times

If you revise my paper and the journal requests changes to the paper, do you charge for another round of editing? 

Yes, I charge for this. Because the journal referees asked you to modify your manuscript by rewriting, supplementing, or deleting text, I consider this a new job. Yet the cost will be a fraction of the original revision since most of the issues will have been corrected in the initial reading, and often changes requested by the journal involve just adding and improving a few sentences or paragraphs. It is helpful in such cases if you highlight the text that has been modified. I will focus on these highlighted parts, and also do one more reading of the entire manuscript just to catch any minor issues that may still remain in the manuscript.
How do I make a payment?
For customers in the United States, I can accept a check or other payment arrangements. For international clients, I use, which is private, safe and secure transaction at the PayPal site. I can customize invoices to include the names of funding agencies, grant numbers, author institution affiliation, etc. I ask that you make payments within two weeks of receiving your revised papers.  For new customers, I ask that you pay a down payment before I start the work.

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