Price & Payment

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For research papers and shorter texts, I charge $48 per hour. 

For longer texts like dissertations, and books, I charge $35 per hour.

Most moderately well-written 12-page research papers (approximately 5,000 words, not counting references) take between 2-4 hours ($96-192). Some take more, some take less time, but most fall in this range. The final price for a job, typically reflects the number of errors corrected and other changes to the text, which affects the final total time and cost. For new customers, I ask that they pay a $90 down payment before I start the work. Check the prices of large well-known editing services and you will see our prices are much cheaper and more personalized. 

Generally, I can accommodate last-minute urgent deadlines, but on rare occasions, if your deadline causes me to re-arrange my work schedule or work beyond my normal work hours, including working late at night, weekends, holidays and vacation times, I may need to charge an additional $15/hour.  So it helps if you can send papers two weeks in advance of your deadline when possible to avoid this scenario. For more details, please click on the following list of my holidays and vacation time: US holidays and vacation times. 

For short texts such as abstracts or one page cover letters, I have a minimum fee of $25. For longer texts such as dissertations and books, I divide the work into sections of 3-5 hours each, and after I send you the revisions for each section, I ask that you pay for that section before I start the next one.



For students, I charge $25 per hour.

For professors and other professionals, I charge $35 per hour.


In-person classes in the San Diego area are also an option. Please contact me to discuss arrangements.



I use to bill customers. After completing and returning your editing work, I will send you an invoice from PayPal. For English classes, I bill student’s at the end of the month as well. It is a simple process, which is fully private and secure transaction at the PayPal site. Invoices can be customized to include the names of funding agencies, grant numbers, etc. I ask that you make payments within two weeks of receiving your revised papers. However, I am flexible, if you need more time than this, please let me know in advance.

To get a free quote for an editing job or to send me any questions you may still have, complete the form below or contact me at this email address:





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