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Journal Article Editing

Publishing your research in a scientific journal article is often a thrilling experience as it represents the pinnacle of years of research and a recognition of the novel and valuable contribution of your research. So working with an editor who understands and supports your needs as an author throughout the publishing process can reduce your workload and improve your chances of successfully publishing. 

I am very familiar with process of writing and submitting a scientific journal article. I have revised over 1,900 scientific journal articles published in various peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. I have earned a professional certificate from the University of California San Diego Medical Writing Certificate Program with a capstone project in Journal Article and Publication Development. I have expertise in aligning manuscripts with standard writing style guides and journal guidelines for authors. I also have 19 years of experience in working with multilingual authors from 28 countries who need to publish in English. 

To learn more about how I can serve you as an editor, please check out these pages: 


Editing Checklist

Price and Payment

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