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Editing Checklist



Below is a list of common items I review edit:

This includes following guidelines of a style manual for these items: 


  • Punctuation 

  • Spelling 

  • Capitalization 

  • Hyphenation

  • Italicization, underscoring, and boldfaced type

  • Abbreviations, including acronyms and initialisms

  • Quotations

  • Tables and graphs

  • Presentation of numbers and statistics

  • International System of Units


This involves aligning the language of your manuscript with conventional and idiomatic English. This includes checking the following elements:

  • Grammar

  • Word choice, including technical nomenclature

  • Style, including making texts more clear, concise, correct, consistent, and coherent

  • Tone, involves ensuring that the word choice of your manuscript is appropriate for your audience and type of manuscript you are writing

  • Rhetorical conventions and organizational structures of scientific manuscripts 

  • Textual and formatting conventions, including font size and type, margins, and spacing, and other typography issues


I do a limited amount of content editing and fact checking, depending on whether customers request this. At a minimum, if I see clear irregularities with basic facts and content, I will query the author about these items. This may include the following:

  • Fact-checking by consulting primary reference sources or by referencing the related literature 

  • Checking numbers that do not add up or missing data

  • Pointing out issues in reporting statistical data

  • Verifying that what is reported in the body of a paper matches what is reported in the abstract

  • Verifying that your summary of findings of other studies is consistent with the article you are summarizing 

  • Spot check for plagiarism


Correlating parts involves verifying that sections of a manuscript logically and consistently connect. Some items I check include:

  • Checking for consistency between in-text references to tables and figures and correctly labeling these items

  • Check for consistency in formatting of titles, headings, and subheadings

  • Checking description in captions and labeling against content presented in tables and figures

  • Verifying that all items presented in tables are presented consistently and use the same terminology or units of measure throughout the table

  • Verifying in-text citations and footnotes against references

  • Cross-checking table of contents with sections of the manuscript

  • Checking the formatting of the bibliography and references

  • Verifying that all text and numerical data are consistently formatted throughout all tables and figures

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