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"I have worked with Jim on multiple projects. His ability to copyedit is superb, and he kindly provides a rationale for edits when needed so that authors can learn and improve over time. He rapidly transforms complicated text into clear language and provides key comments to improve the project. His professionalism is unmatched."

R. Michelle Sauer Gehring, PhD, ELS

Principal Writer/Editor at RnAEditing, LLC

"Jim is a standout professional in his field. What really impressed me most was just how fast and thorough the copyediting services was. Above all, he worked hard over the weekend to meet the close deadline and kept me updated throughout with email. It’s without hesitation that I recommend his services."

Marjan Manouchehri , Ph.D, Clinical Pharmacist

Madrid, Spain

"Very competent professional. My article's review was quick, and the changes made by Jim brought a very significant improvement in my work. Thank you very much."

Jéssica Fagionato Masiero

Researcher at the University of São Paulo in pharmacology and biochemistry

Sao Paulo, Brazil


"Quite fast and thorough editing of my research paper; I highly recommend, especially for non-native English speakers"

Katharina Bidenko​

Research Assistant at Universität Witten/Herdecke

Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 

“I was very satisfied with Jim's editing service. He delivers on time. His comments and feedback are relevant. He pays close attention to various details of English, as well as conventions and standards of research papers, which made my paper presentable for publication.”

Javad Jabbari, PhD student at Rigshospitalet 

Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Denmark

"I highly recommend Jim for editing papers, grants and resumes. I have known him for 3 years and during his time I had many opportunities to witness his professionalism."

Dmitri Simberg

Expertise in iron oxide nanoparticles, bionano interactions.

Associate Professor

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Denver, Colorado, United States

"Jim revised research papers for me and I was pleased with his work. His editing was meticulous and insightful, and he was able to deliver the work to meet an urgent deadline, and reasonably priced."

Anssi Smedlund

Senior Advisor, Knowledge Management at Ilmarinen

Helsinki, Finland 

“Thank you very much for the effort – well done. I much appreciate that. I am much more pleased with your feedback and comments in the email and within the text you edited. Thanks for your very encouraging and positive comments about the article. Your criticism is also well taken.”

Arif Malik

Associate Professor at Sultan Qaboos University

Sultanate of Oman 


“In working with Jim Hesson during a challenging time sensitive assignment, I appreciated his positive attitude and professionalism. Jim was consistently prompt with responses to my questions, always providing impeccable, and high-quality advice. I have already recommended him to my contacts and would glad recommend him again.”

Dayse Sena 

MD PhD, Director of Medical Affairs, Bausch & Lomb 

(with another company when working with Jim)

Boston, Massachusetts


“Jim is a hardworking professional, dealing with editing tasks on time and delivering very high quality work. I hope to work with him in the future!

Valentina Petkova

Professor, MSc, PhD, MSc P. H.,

Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, 

Medical University - Sofia, Bulgaria


"I would like to recommend the excellent work of Jim Hesson, concerning my scientific papers he revised. The profit includes future work as he made valuable comments on integrated aspects."

Christl Meyer

Biologin bei AIDS-Research


“Jim worked on one of my manuscripts in preparation. His work was of excellent value and high impact. I would love to work with Jim in the future!

Balint Balint

University of Debrecen

Head of Laboratory at Clinical Genomics Centre 

Debrecen, Hungary


“Jim proofread my doctoral thesis and I'm very satisfied with the quality of the corrections. Text was not always easy to understand due to the technical details, but Jim was able to propose corrections also on those parts.” 

Miikka Lundan

Product manager at Nokia


“Jim is a very high-skilled professional. He has revised my article very fast and earlier than I expected! I'd recommend Jim Hesson to everyone!”

Marcio Bodnar Martins, M. Eng.

Storage Architect at IBM Global Services

Montreal, Canada


“Jim is an excellent editor of English texts. His revision and suggestions greatly improved the presentation of our research. The money you invest in hiring him is fully paid back, especially considering cost-benefits. I have submitted 5 papers edited by Jim and none were criticized for  English or grammar, the opposite occurred: my texts were all considered well written. Three recent papers submitted will be published at Spectrochimica Acta A, Cell Biology, Toxicology and the European Journal Pharmacology.”

Clelia Rejane Antonio Bertoncini, professor 

Universidade Federal de São Paulo, CEDEME. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil


“I have used Jim's editing service repeatedly to revise the English of taxonomic research papers, and I find his revisions detailed and rigorous, with numerous idiomatic corrections making the final text more readable and allowing them to be ultimately accepted for publication. I recommend him to anyone needing the English of a scientific text revised. Indeed, although eventually a statement in your text may be grammatically correct, but the meaning might be incorrect, Jim also calls this to the attention of the author, so he provides more than just revision of the English. Although you may find other editing services charging less, I feel confident and trust the quality of Jim's work.”


Fernando Carbayo

professor of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities

University of Sao Paulo, USP

“Jim has revised numerous research papers for our group on the ecology and geochemistry of the Amazon, as well as human impact on watersheds in Sao Paulo State, among other topics. Several of these papers have been submitted to high-impact international journals including one to Science Magazine. I have never heard any complaints from referees or journal editors regarding the English after Jim revised my papers. I believe his price is reasonable relative to other comparable editing services and he typically returns papers in a few days. I highly recommend his service.”

Luiz Martinelli

Professor Titular at Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura - CENA/USP, 


“Jim has revised research papers for me for five years, always delivering impeccable and meticulous revisions. After working with Jim, none of my papers have been returned by journals with complaints about the English language. I highly recommend his excellent work.“

Lucas Miranda Marques 

Núcleo de Tecnologia em Saúde, 

Instituto Multidisciplinar em Saúde, 

Universidade Federal da Bahia. 

Vitória da Conquista, BA, Brazil

"Jim is an excellent professional, always ready to help me correct my English texts. Twice I used him and twice I was very satisfied with the results. 
He has not only expertise in English, but also in science. Once he corrected a scientific name of a species! This proved to me that he read my texts very very attentively." 

Livia Echternacht Andrade

University of São Paulo, Institute of Biociência

Laboratório de Sistemática Vegetal

“Jim has done excellent work in revising the English of research papers for my research group.”

Prof.Dr Emersom Silva Lima

Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas

Universidade Federal do Amazonas


"Jim has revised several of my manuscripts, doing excellent work. He revised the texts very fast and I highly recommend Jim's services for English revisions.”  And: “Just want to thank Jim for his valuable help revising every scientific paper I have sent to him in the last few years. I'm very pleased with his editing process.”

Gabriela Nardoto

Associate Professor - Universidade de Brasília

Professor Titular Visitante

UESC - Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz


“Jim is an objective and careful scientific-research paper revisor, and I really appreciate his comments throughout the edited/revised text which helped me improve my English with each work."

Lee Fu-I

Chair of Child and Adolescent Affective Disorder Program

Institute and Department of Psychiatry of the University of Sao Paulo


"Since Jim has reviewed my papers, the quality of the text improved and the editors only criticized the contents, not the language format" 

Vinícius Xavier da Silva

Universidade Federal de Alfenas, 

Departamento de Ciências Biológicas e da Terra. 

Alfenas, Brazil

"This year was a great one due to my high academic productivity, and you are responsible for this! I managed to publish every single article you edited or reviewed for me. Your dedication touches me. I admire your work.

Nadia Chacra

Docente na Universidade de São Paulo

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

“I requested Jim for editing a scientific text and I can ensure you that he was very efficient. He did the work, as I asked for, but also added comments that helped me improve the text.” 

Paulo Landim

Professor na Universidade Estadual Paulista

Botucatu, Brazil


“Jim is an excellent professional with deep knowledge of English. I recommend.”

Saulo Passos 

Associate Professor 

Depto de Pediatra na Faculdade de Medicina de Jundiai

Sao Paulo, Brazil


“I would gladly recommend Jim as English consultant. He has been an outstanding in the manuscript review.” 

Rilton Alves de Freitas

Professor, Federal University of Parana at UNIVALI

Santa Catarina, Brazil 


“Jim is fast, objective and helpful. He takes time to explain why he changes something in our scientific manuscripts. Jim revised a number of academic papers for us. We did a very consistent job, at a decent price and always return before the time he had initially indicated.” 

Francisco G Nobrega 

Departamento de Biociências e Diagnóstico Bucal, 

Faculdade de Odontologia, UNESP, São José dos Campos, 

SP, Brazil


“I only submit scientific articles for publication in medical periodicals of a high-impact factor after Jim has carefully edited them. I highly recommend his work.” 

Prof. Ivan Tramujas da Costa e Silva

Professor Universitário na Universidade Federal do Amazonas

Manaus, Brazil


“Jim's editing work was very important to me, and reasonably cheap when considering its cost-benefit. He revised two papers for me that were accepted in prestigious international journals. I highly recommend Jim's work for those who need revisions on their English. I'll be soon requesting help and his services again.”

Clelia Rejane Antonio Bertoncini 

Universidade Federal de São Paulo, CEDEME. 

Sao Paulo, SP - Brasil

"I would like to recommend Jim Hesson, an American and native English speaker, for his excellent work in scientific article review. He holds a Master's degree in Bilingual Education and has several specific qualifications in article revision and proofreading. Recently, he conducted a thorough review of an article on artificial intelligence applied to education, and we were extremely pleased with the quality of the review. Jim demonstrated great competence and availability, always responding to our requests and clarifying any doubts.

Patricia Augustin Jaques Maillard, PhD.Patricia Augustin Jaques Maillard, PhD.

Visiting professor at PPGC/UFPEL.

Artificial Intelligence applied to Education, Cognitive science, Affective Computing

“I was pleased with the professional quality of Jim Hesson's work. He deliver in advance of my deadline, and his price is reasonable compared to other comparable services.”

Eloiza Helena Tajara

Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto. 

Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP - Brasil


“Jim is the only English copyeditor I have worked with: no reasons to change. He is very good and the work is always well done in time.”

Andre Strauss

Graduate Student

University of São Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil


“Jim provides excellent service in revising the English language of scientific manuscripts”

Professor, Vera Lucia Pereira-Chioccola

Researcher at the Instituto Adolfo Lutz

Sao Paulo, Brasil


“Jim is an excellent professional and has provided me with excellent revisions. I also know other researchers in my Institution who have requested Jim's services with very good results.”

Rui Sergio Murrieta

Professor at Institute of Biosciences, 

University of São Paulo


“Jim Hesson and Eveline translated for me a written transcription of a TV interview from Portuguese into English. They did a very good job with the colloquial and technical language of the text."


Professor, Ademar Ferreira

University of Sao Paulo,

Polytechnical School

Department of Engineering, Telecommunications and Control.

Sao Paulo, Brasil 


"Jim is an excellent reviewer. It's fast, offers a fair price, and, mainly, captures the main ideas of scientific texts that reviews for our group. Highly recommended." 

Danilo Bernardo


University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


“I really liked the corrections Jim made on my English paper. As native speakers can perceive, my English has a lot to be improved. But I can't perceive my own mistakes, otherwise, they would not exist. That's why Jim is so important! Thereafter, I'm much more confident when I submit a paper to an international journal. Certainly they give much more credit to authors who submit papers in proper English. Thank you very much Jim!”

Livia Echternacht 

Laboratório de Sistemática Vegetal

Universidade de São Paulo

“Jim is an excellent revisor of texts written in English. As a researcher, I submit articles to international journals, and I always ask Jim to help with revising the English. His work is always very good, and I really learn a lot from his text because he adopts a very good editing method. I have total confidence in the worked developed by Jim and Academic English Solutions.”

Luciana Vasconcelos

Professora na PUC Minas



“Jim Hesson is a serious and meticulous editor of scientific papers. He revised a paper for me on biodeterioration by mold. I highly recommend him.”

Marcia Shirakawa

Pos Doc at University of Sao Paulo - Polytechnic School

São Paulo, Brazil

“Jim revised and returned my paper with extreme agility and professionalism. I recommend him for anyone needing to publish a research paper.”

Carlos Victor Mendonça

Adjunct Professor at UFVJM

Diamatina e redonndezas, Brazil, research

“Jim is an excellent professional, timely and objective. performed the work of translation and correction with competence and professionalism”

Miguel Angelo Boarati

Psychiatry at Institute of Psychiatry Sao Paolo

São Paulo Area, Brazil

“Jim revised a paper of mine written in English. The revision was great and he delivered it very quickly.”

“An excellent reviewer. He did a lot more than just correcting my mistakes: during the editing he also taught me English and gave me some advice.”

Priscila Santos da Costa. 

Anthropologist, Researcher

Universidade Estadual Paulista 

Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Jim revised a paper of mine written in English. The revision was great and he delivered it very quickly."

Nino Amazonas

Especialista em Restauração na TNC - The Nature Conservancy do Brasil

Piracicaba Area, Brazil

Environmental Services

“Jim is the best English text reviewer I know”

Cícero Filho

Director of the Federal University of Amazonas

Manaus, Brazil


“Jim has good knowledge and is very competent.” 

Kellie Provazi 

Pós doutoranda da Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I've been recruiting Jim's corrections for the past two years. I am completely satisfied, and surely recommend!”

Marcelo Trovó Lopes de Oliveira

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Instituto de Biologia - Departamento de Botânica

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil


“Jim does a great job and finishes his work in time. I also like that if you have any questions regarding something you did not understand, he is ready to answer and help you with it. Jim is definetely a qualified professional.”


Sonia Maria Barros de Oliveira

Professora do Instituto de Geociências na Universidade de Sao Paulo



“Jim is a very good English reviewer of scientific papers.”


Rogério P. Soratto

Professor na Faculdade de Ciências Agronômicas - Universidade Estadual Paulista 



“Jim revised and returned my paper with extreme agility and professionalism. I recommend him for anyone needing to publish a research paper.”

Carlos Victor Mendonça 

Professor Adjunto na UFVJM, Brazil


“Jim did a great job, translating a manuscript to English.”

José Roberto


“Jim is a excellent professional, his reviews are fast and detailed. I recommend!” 

Katia Conceição

Profissional de Biotecnologia

Sao Paulo, Brazil


“Jim translated a scientific paper, in which I am a co-author, from Portuguese to English. He did an excellent job. Even if you are an experienced writer of English texts, it is always good to ask an native English speaker to edit it for you.”

Jorge Moraes 

Piracicaba, Brazil


“Jim has revised a scientific paper for me and this was actually the first revision that I received and was truly satisfied with. Usually, strictly grammar is being corrected, but Jim payed attention to all the aspects of writing. He also completed his work very fast.”

Maja Kajin 

Postdoctoral researcher at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil


“With the help of Jim I was able to break through the English language barrier and publish my first paper in a high impact philosophy periodical. I hope I can continue to work with him to multiple these results.” 

Marcus Sacrini Ayres Ferraz

Professor de Filosofia

University of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil 


“I recommend to all members of this community the revision service of Jim Hesson, who is always reliable, quick and attentive to his clients' needs.”


Fernanda Guilhon

Professora at Universidade 

Técnico em Laboratório de Química Nilton Lins

Universidade Federal do Amazonas

Manaus, Brazil


“Jim is an excellent professional, timely and objective. He performed the work of translation and correction with competence and professionalism”.


Miguel Angelo Boarati

Institute of Psychiatry Sao Paulo

Coordinator of Affective Disorder Clinic
Child and Adolescent Service
Institute of Psychiatry


“Jim has done an excellent job as academic-paper revisor. I fully recommend him for revision of texts and helping in translation.”


Cristiano Moura

Assistant Professor at UFBA

Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil

“Jim é um ótimo revisor de trabalhos científicos. Já enviei vários trabalhos a ele que foram revisados com qualidade, rapidez e custo acessível. Além disso já fiz aulas de inglês avançado por Skype que me ajudaram a melhorar de forma notável o meu inglês.”


Patrícia Yoshida Faccioli-Martins

Scientific Researcher 


Brasilia, Brazil

“Jim is a very good English reviewer of scientific papers.”


Rogério P. Soratto

Professor na Faculdade de Ciências Agronômicas - Universidade Estadual Paulista


“Working with Jim in the revision of my Master's dissertation was a great experience. He is committed to deliver the best in the right time. His knowledge of technology was of great help. Jim can understand Portuguese and knows the common mistakes committed by Portuguese language speakers, this comprehension lead to a smooth revision process. Highly recommended!”


William Colen

Head of Artificial Intelligence at Take Blip

Sao Paulo, Brazil


“I had a chance to work with Jim in some text review activities with a very good result. I recommend.”


Marcos Fava Neves

Computer Software research scientist at FGV

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Jim faz trabalhos de revisão de textos científicos em inglês de alta qualidade, além do preço ser mais acessivel que de outros revisores da mesma qualidade e do prazo de revisão estar entre os mais curtos. Jim proofreads academic papers for english errors and style, with very satisfactory results. Not only the cost of his work is below most of other reviewers, but the time needed for the review is usually very small” 


André Carvalho 

Professor da Universidade Federal do Amazonas

Manaus, Brazil

“Jim does an excellent job of translation (Portuguese - English) and review of papers (English).


Gustavo Spadotti Amaral Castro

Doutor em Agricultura

Macapa, Amapa, Brazil

Embrapa, agronomy engineer

“Jim has revised several of my manuscripts doing an excellent work. He revised the texts very fast and I highly recommend Jim's services for english revisions.” 


Daniela Mariano

Professor Titular/ Coordenadora do Laboratório de Biogeoquímica Aquática

UESC, Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Brazil

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