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Do you know about the EQUATOR Network?

Updated: May 11, 2022

If you do research in the life sciences an aim to publish findings based on randomized clinical trials, a systematic review, animal preclinical research, case reports, real world evidence, or a host of other forms of research reports, you should know about the EQUATOR Network and the free comprehensive guidelines they provide to authors. The guidelines of the EQUATOR Network have been increasingly adopted by high-impact international journals as mandatory for authors to use before submitting their manuscript for publication. Even if you are working with a journal that does not require using the EQUATOR Network guidelines, they will provide a valuable tool for improving the quality of your manuscript.

The EQUATOR Network mission statement: “The EQUATOR mission is to achieve accurate, complete, and transparent reporting of all health research studies to support research reproducibility and usefulness. Our work increases the value of health research and helps to minimise avoidable waste of financial and human investments in health research projects.”

The EQUATOR Network provides checklists to help authors deliver research papers that are complete, accurate, and ethically transparent. A number of well-known journals now require authors to verify that they used the EQUATOR Network guidelines. Even if you are working with a journal that does not require them, you’ll find them to be an excellent useful tool for organizing and improving the quality of your manuscript. Here is a link to their website:

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