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I have edited over 1,900 peer-reviewed journal articles. Below is a listing of some of the journals that have published manuscripts I have edited:

  • Biomaterials Science 

  • Cell 

  • Cochrane Reviews

  • Field Crops Research

  • IEEE Access Journals 

  • Intensive Care Medicine

  • Materials and Design 

  • MDPI Molecules 

  • MDPI Pharmaceutical 

  • Nature

  • Nature Nanotechnology

  • Pharmaceutics


  • PNAS

  • Science Magazine 

  • The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care  

  • The International Journal of Infectious Disease

  • The International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education  

  • The International Journal of Pharmaceutics

  • The Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity 

  • The Journal of Chromatography B 

  • The Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology

  • The Journal of Shock and Hemodynamics 

  • Vascular Pharmacology 

  • Wear: An International Journal on the Science and Technology of Friction Lubrication and Wear

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