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If you have never taken an online class, you may be pleasantly 

surprised to discover how much they resemble conventional classes since they allow you to see and speak with the teacher as if he was directly in front of you in-person. Yet, in many respects, online classes are superior to in-person classes since they allow you to immediately access and share countless unique online resources as well as share a screen where you and the teacher can both modify and interact with the same material, using a variety interesting software, websites and podcasts and other materials to support your learning. One other positive feature of taking online classes is that you do not have to travel across town through traffic to go to class! You can conveniently do a class from home or in your office. 


The first demonstration class is free. We are also quite flexible in scheduling classes. You can choose a time and day that works best for you. If you need to cancel, no problem. You only pay for classes you take. We bill students at the end of the month through PayPal.com.


Online classes are also ideal for developing strong speaking skills in English for professional communication scenarios such as studying abroad, phone interviews, international business conference calls, tech support communication as well as in-person lectures and presentations at international conferences.  

The two most popular classes I offer are TOEFL preparation 

and English for Research Papers. Yet, I can design  a curriculum tailored specifically to your particular needs including, for example, English for Law, English for IT and Computers, English for Engineering, English Pronunciation, Business English, Contemporary Issues, English and the Short Story, and English for Medical Communication, etc.


For more details about specific classes, click on the links below. 

TOEFL Preparation Class

English for Research Papers 

English for Conferences and Business

Conversation Class

For more general information about doing online classes, click on the link below:

Terms and Features of Classes

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