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Customer Satisfaction Policy

My ultimate goal is to fully satisfy customers and provide first-rate service. If you feel I have not fully satisfied you as a customer, I would like to hear about it so I can quickly find a solution and outcome that pleases you. 

If I revise a research paper for you, I stand by my work. If there are any complaints from the journal referees about my work, I would like to know about them. If I revise your journal article and the journal editor complains about issues in the English language, I guarantee that I will revise your paper again for free until the journal is satisfied. 


have long-term relations with my clients, and the only way I can earn your trust and keep you coming back is to deliver timely, economical, professional editing, as well as outstanding customer support. Although problems are quite rare, I want you to know that no matter what the issue, I will try to find a solution that satisfies you. So if you feel dissatisfied in any way with my work, I would like to know about it. Please send me any suggestions, complaints, critical feedback, or comments to:

 Jim Hesson

 Academic English Solutions

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