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Free study materials for learning English

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

In addition to our classes, this page provides links to various free sources for learning English in addition to the courses offered by us, with an emphasis on sites that provide opportunities to develop advanced or academic English. There are countless resources for learning English on the Internet both free and for a fee, so we limited our recommendations to what we consider high quality free sources available online. While these pages provide various opportunities for improving your skills, the most powerful and effective means of developing your English is through meaningful communication in real-life situations, such as giving an opinion, explaining a goal, negotiating an agreement, clarifying a point, assessing, making requests, asking for directions, and a host of other "speech acts" involved in interacting with people in authentic communication. In addition to this, you'll notice that few people provide the type of feedback and guidance in pronunciation, writing and vocabulary development that a good teacher can provide. I recommend this free material as a supplement to working with an experienced trained teacher and a supplement to real-life communication

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