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Congratulations! You found Academic English Solutions, one of the more inexpensive, timely, and dependable online editing services.


Publishing your research is a distinguishing moment in your career; hence, you aim for impeccable, high-quality presentation of your work. Your research contributes novel, clever, sophisticated, and cutting-edge innovation and insights to your field of study. So mistakes with the language of your manuscript only detract from the recognition your research deserves.


If you are like most researchers, you have a demanding busy schedule, so delegating the task of editing of your manuscript to a professional copyeditor like myself can help you:

  • meet an urgent submission deadline

  • identify issues you may not have noticed and provide a fresh perspective on your writing

  • align your manuscript with the writing guidelines of a journal, grant funding agency, or university

  • align your manuscript with the AMA, Chicago, APA, IEEE, Oxford, or NLM style guides

  • make your manuscript clear, concise, coherent, consistent, correct, and compelling

  • improve the quality of your manuscript so that it is ultimately accepted for publication

Whether you are writing a scientific journal article, a grant proposal, a dissertation, book, regulatory documents, business and marketing materials, continuing medical education materials, or any other technical, academic, or scientific manuscript, my goal is to help you tell your best research story. Writing a compelling research story will make your manuscript memorable and help you get published so that your research and findings reach the widest possible audience and have maximum effect and usefulness in the world. I have copyedited over 1,900 scientific journal articles, as well as numerous NIH grant proposals, FDA submissions, dissertations, and books, and I look forward to helping you improve your manuscript. To learn more about my editing service, please check out my FAQs page.


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