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Conversation class

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This class will improve your ability to confidently speak and communicate in English. The topics we talk about in class are determined by the interest of the students. Typically, I find articles, podcasts and Youtube videos on topical issues, including music, politics, sports, cooking, travel, hobbies, science, movies, business, customs, culture and other issues that may be of interest to students. We discuss this material in class, and use them as a basis to create authentic meaningful discussions about a host of interesting topics.


These lessons provide many possibilities for learning grammar vocabulary, idioms, and pronunciation. This is one of my more popular classes because it is driven by what is of interest to the students. This class is typically a one-on-one arrangement between me and the student so it provides maximum opportunity for a student to speak. Please send me a message if you have any questions about this class or if you would like to schedule a free demonstration class.

Jim Hesson

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