english for Research

This online course is designed for professors, Phd. candidates, and post-doc researchers wishing to develop formal academic English for writing research papers, dissertations, doing presentations at international conferences or a variety of other academic purposes. The main texts is English for Research Papers: A Handbook for Brazilian Authors. There are three parts to the class. In part one, we review the organizational structure and rhetorical elements found in IMRD research papers. You will learn common structures and patterns found in most research papers. In part two, we review a wide variety of tips and techniques for making writing more clear, concise and coherent. In part three, we study advanced English vocabulary typically found in academic texts such as research papers. We do various activities to develop this level of vocabulary. We will also cover typical grammar and word choice errors made while writing research papers. Finally,  we encourage students to have a paper that they will write and submit for publication while doing the class. Grammar and vocabulary lessons will be determined by whatever reoccurring issues appear in students essays.